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The GEM Graff MultiTrax expandable duplicator grows as your demand for cassettes increases and your budget allows. The Graff Multitrax comes with a choice of master units which copy either 1 or 3 tapes at a time, whilst expansion is by the addition of slave units having 4 copy positions.

The 1 to 3 master unit on the Graff Multitrax has volume/gain controls to adjust the levels produced from the master.

The mono versions come with the choice of long life or ferrite record and playback heads, whilst the stereo has ferrite record and playback heads. All models have short tape LED lights and ferrite erase heads. Customers who require high volume continuous production will find Multitrax has no equal. 2 types of unit are available:1 to 3 master with gain controls. 4 position slave. Each is supplied with the choice of the following specifications, and are fully compatible with each other. The GEM TurboTrax 3 is a non-expandable portable duplicator.

The unit has 3 copy positions, and copies cassettes at 16 times normal speed.

Neat and compact this is the ideal model for those who need continuous use, this model can produce up to 73 C60s or 45 C90s per hour.

Suitable for continuous use and copying at 16x speed, 26 C60s or 16 C90s can be produced every hour.

Short tape LED lights signify a short copy tape

The mono version is available with or without erase heads. The stereo unit is supplied with erase heads and has ferrite record and playback heads.

Weight: 6.2Kg.

Dimensions: 394 x 344 x 125mm.

4 versions are available:

Model Copies Heads Mono/Stereo Price (ex VAT)
MT/M-EH3 Master 3 Long life Mono 1950
MT/M-EH4 Slave 4 Long life Mono 1950
MT/S-EH3 Master 3 Ferrite Stereo 2250
MT/S-EH4 Slave 4 Ferrite Stereo 2250

NB Slave versions only work when used with a compatible Master Unit

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